Fastigheter D Carnegie


Our goal is to create vibrant neighborhoods where our tenants thrive and feel safe. We do this by growing our property portfolio, improving it, and developing building rights for our own properties. The properties we acquire are often in need of refurbishment, which enables us to acquire them at an attractive price point. We then gradually renovate and refurbish buildings, apartments and outdoor areas.

Our properties are strategically located in areas with good infrastructure, community recreational spaces and service. This aids our refurbishment efforts, which demand good nearby logistics and storage capabilities. Owning properties that are geographically close to one another also enables us to manage them in a cost-effective way. The management is done from local offices, which also facilitates a close relationship with our tenants.

There is no indication of a decreasing demand for homes in the near future. We see great growth potential in our business idea. The market value for Hembla’s property on 30 September 2019 was SEK 33,508 million.