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Our projects

Hembla has a high quality portfolio of construction rights, and potential construction rights, in the Greater Stockholm region. We create significant value through the conversion of undeveloped land to development rights. These development rights can be built into rental apartments or condominiums.

Property development is capital intensive and associated with different types of risks as the projects progress. Hembla seeks to minimize risk and therefore sell off development rights after the local plans come into force, which means that exposure to the assessed risks are minimized.

Property developers are constantly striving to acquire and develop attractive land and Hembla:s portfolio is highly prized by those companies who want to identify and pursue attractive acquisitions.

Hembla also has a number of vacant properties in its portfolio and it is possible to condense a number of properties, for example by building car parks or to build on farm land. The City of Stockholm has expressed a willingness to densify areas near the metro system with new housing.