Holdings in Hembla AB as of May 16 2019. Changes in holdings will updated in conjunction with the interim reports.

Svein Erik Lilleland
Svein Erik Lilleland

Born: 1971.
Education: Master in Business Administration, London Business School. B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering, University of Portsmouth.
Other current assignments: Board member of Subsea Chokes International AS and Sponda Plc.
Previous assignments: Head of Corporate Finance for Obligo Investment Management. Board member of Global Skipholding 2 AS, Global Skipholding 2 AB and Global Skipholding Norden 2 AS. Managing Director at Wunderlich Securities. Vice President at Roxar ASA and CorrOcean ASA.

Jonas Andersson
Jonas Andersson
CFO and CIO - Responsible for transactions, financing, analysis, valuation and accounting, financing and reporting.

Born: 1980. Employed since 2015.
Education: M.Sc in Engineering, industrial finance, Linköping Institute of Technology.
Previous assignments: Director, Transaction & Finance Mengus – Corporate Finance Macquarie Capital and ABN AMRO – management consultant Capacent.

Marie Persson
Marie Persson
Responsible for HR related matters for the Group.

Born: 1958. Employed since 2014.
Education: Business Administration degree, University of Stockholm
Other current assignments: Board member Rotary Stockholm-Kungsholmen.
Previous assignments: HR Manager Graflunds, Administrative manager Markarydsbostäder Holding AB, owner and CFO Vision International A.S. (Turkey), Export Service manager, Alfa-Laval Agri AB, president Rotary Stockholm-Kungsholmen.

Ida Ringdahl
Ida Ringdahl
Head of business development.

Born: 1979. Employed since: 2017.
Education: Engineer, Malmö University, 2001.
Other current assignments: CEO Cape Sweden AB and board member of Cape Sweden Holding AB.
Previous assignments: Head of exploitation Wallenstam AB. Head of co-operative building society dwelling Wallenstam AB.

Christian Tapper
Christian Tapper
Head of Property Development & Refurbishment process. Responsible for development and implementation of the Renovation & Refurbishment process of the Group's properties.

Born: 1964. Employed since 2016.
Education: Gymn. educ. Peab’s internal educ program Business development.
Other current assignments: Director of Tapper and Tapper AB Sports Management, Consulting.
Previous assignments: Head of Property Estate issues, Mall of Scandinavia. ÄTA Financial Economy process , Mall of Scandinavia. Chief Coordinator Property, Mall of Scandinavia.

Jenny Wärmé
Jenny Wärmé
Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs. Responsible for legal matters and secretary for the Board of Directors.

Born: 1978. Employed since 2014.
Education: Master of Laws, Stockholm University.
Other current assignments: Non Executive Board Member in Amasten Fastighets AB (publ). Non Executive Board Member in Tre Kronor Property Investment AB (publ)
Previous assignments: Court clerk at Norrtälje district court, lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå. Non Executive Board Member in Stendörren Fastigheter AB.

Jonatan Öhman
Jonatan Öhman
Acting Head of Communications. Internal and external communication. Brand development. Social sustainability and Public affairs. PR and Media contacts.

Born: 1984
Education: M.Sc in Business Administration, University of Stockholm
Other current assignments: Managing Director, Sthlm Urban Advisors
Previous assignments: Communications consultant at Kreab and Burson-Marsteller. Communications manager at Stockholm County Council.