Om D Carnegie

Hembla in brief

A home is much more than just walls and a roof. We want to create vibrant neighborhoods where people thrive and feel safe. That is why we own and develop rental properties in the growth areas of Stockholm and Mälardalen.

An important cornerstone of our business is putting the tenant first. When we acquire properties, we do so in areas we see long-term potential in and where we think we can add something that would make the region a better place to live in. Apart from quality property maintenance, refurbishment and renovation are important parts of our operation. We invest in both properties and adjacent outdoor areas so that we can contribute to making life safer and simpler for our tenants.

Our investments in properties and their surroundings create lasting value for everyone living in, and visiting, the districts. By refurbishing, we are also saving up on maintenance costs and can install new equipment that lowers the district’s environmental impact. This also has a positive effect on cash flow, and increases the value of our properties.

The immense pressure on the residential market in the Stockholm region is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. This means that the risk of vacancy in our properties is almost nonexistent. The average waiting list for our apartments is six years long. Through quality maintenance and service, we hope to be the preferred choice of landlord for our tenants.