General meeting

Hembla’s highest decision-making body is the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting elects the Company’s Board of Directors. Its tasks also include adopting the Company’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement, resolving on the appropriation of profits and resolving on discharging the Board members and Chief Executive Officer from liability The AGM also elects Hembla’s auditor.

Proceedings at shareholder meetings

Shareholders who wish to attend a General Meeting must be recorded in the register maintained by Euroclear Sweden no later than five working days before the meeting, as well as notify the company of their participation in the meeting by the date specified in the notice.

Shareholders are not offered the opportunity to participate at shareholders’ meetings remotely, nor is simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings arranged, since the Board of Directors has decided that such initiatives are not financially justifiable considering the ownership of the Company.

Hembla’s procedures regarding remote participation and simultaneous translation at Annual General Meetings are therefore deviations from the Code.

The notice convening the AGM will be available in English, while other material for the AGM will only be provided in Swedish. After conducting the Meeting the minutes from the Meeting will be available on the website.