Corporate Governance Report 2018

Corporate governance is an important instrument in the work carried out to create long-term value for the shareholders. With a clear and transparent framework for the allocation of responsibilities, reporting, and follow-up, Hembla AB (publ) (the “Company”) focuses on the most important matters and thus limits the risks in the operations. The corporate governance report reports how the Company was managed in 2018.

Corporate governance at Hembla AB (publ)

Corporate governance at the Company is long-term and describes the decision-making system with which the owners, directly or indirectly, manage the Company and handle its risks. The Company has corporate governance routines which fulfil the requirements imposed by, among other provisions, the Swedish Companies Act, the Annual Accounts Act, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code) and Nasdaq Stockholm’s rules for issuers. The Company applies the corporate governance principles adopted by the annual general meeting and which are set forth in the Articles of Association and in the instructions for the nominations committee. These documents are available on the Company’s website. In addition to these, a series of instructions adopted by the Board of Directors for corporate governance are applied, including the rules of procedure for the board, the instructions for the CEO, instructions for financial reporting to the Board of Directors, financial and communications policies, Code of Conduct, Business Ethics Policy, Environmental Policy etc. The Company’s values regarding accessibility and commitment characterize the work approach of the employees as well as the governance, management and supervision of the Company.